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Northern Neck History

The Northern Neck is all about history. Explored by Capt. John Smith, settled in the 1600s when the rest of the nation lay remote, unaccessable and unexplored, the Northern Neck of Virginia recounts in past in centuries, not decades.

The Northern Neck Buyers Guide has published a number of articles about the history and culture of this special place, from quaint villages to museums that preserve the Northern Neck's links to the past for future generations.



The Holley Graded School The story begins at the end of the Civil War. A group of young women, who spent the pre-war years working for abolition of slavery and for women’s rights, were looking to take the next step, now that the end of the war had brought an end to slavery in America.

Rice's Hotel-Hughlett's TavernAnyone who appreciates antiques will certainly enjoy a visit to Northumberland County's oldest landmark, Rice's Hotel and Hughlett's Tavern, located behind the old courthouse in Heathsville. The building, constructed as lodging for those attending court days, dates to at least 1795, though some historians think it could be much older.

Stratford Hall: In nineteenth-century England, the only scheduled overland transportation was via public road coach. The advent of the railroad and automobile virtually ended coach driving of this type, and the sport of coaching was born. It lives on at Straford Hall, in Westmoreland County, every three years.

Reedville Fishermen's Museum: Reedville was the village build on menhaden fishing and today is the second largest fishing port on the East Coast. The Reedville Fishermen's Museum collects and interpretes that history.









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