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Books About Chesapeake Bay

We recommend the following books for your library.


This Was Chesapeake Bay - By R.H. Burgess

Anyone who loves the bay will love this nostalgic look back. First published in 1963, this book remains a classic.

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Windows on the Chesapeake: By Wendy Mitman Clarke and John Pemberton

Wendy Mitman Clarke, former Executive Editor of Chesapeake Bay Magazine, is one of our favorite chroniclers of the Bay. Her prose and John Bemberton's photographs make for a stunning book.

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Chesapeake Bay From Space Art Poster

This incrediblly detailed poster belongs on the wall of every Chesapeake Bay cottage. This 34 x 26 poster is perfect for framing.

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Chesapeake Bay Blues: By Howard R. Ernst

This book addresses the Chesapeake Bay as a political problem and reveals how the political process has worked against the interests of science, the public, and environmental advocates all at once. Visit Amazon.com through the above search portal and view sample chapters! (order from Amazon.com above)

The Chesapeake Bay Ports of Calls and Anchorages: By Tom Henschel

Full page color photographs of Chesapeake Bay from Chesapeake City down to Norfolk, also offering recommended anchorages, navigational hazards, entrance and exit routes, restaurants, attractions and marinas. One copy belongs in your library, another on board!

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