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Northern Neck Artists - Jennifer Donald


From a very early age, Jennifer Donald was inspired by paintings from the old masters through contemporary American artists. The library’s countless art coffee table books were studied endlessly and Jen’s unique combination of detailed style and strong color show the influences of her early learning.

(At left: "Its So Urbanna")

Although primarily a self-taught artist, Jen received four years formal art training in various media. Her strength is in the use of acrylic paint which developed in her teens and continues today, but it has been in the last several years that Jen has focused on refining her painting techniques. She has found that combining her love “of all things ‘40’s” and the simple, slower lifestyle of the Northern Neck gave her the inspiration to capture her surroundings with a unique style some say is reminiscent of Norman Rockwell.

"I have always loved the 40’s era, from music to artists to styles. That evokes such a strong sense of who I am, as if I’d been born at the wrong time. When I paint, I want to capture that same feeling - of less complicated times, simpler life. To be able to express that, and elicit a walk-down-memory-lane response in my viewers brings me deep satisfaction. I love hearing people tell me the story they see happening in the painting and how they put themselves into it. That thrills me and encourages me to continue this journey.”

Jen was born in Dearborn, MI and currently resides with her husband Darryl in northern Essex County, VA.

At Right, above: "Puttin' Up; below "Bag of Seed and Mulberry Jam." Visit Jennifer Donald's Web site.

  Used with permission from the artist.