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Should you buy your retirement home now?

Slowly but surely the real estate market is coming back, with both sales and prices rising nationwide. Still, there are some very attractive deals, especially in the Northern Neck for waterfront property, or homes on several acres. Is now the time to buy, even if you are 10 years or more from retirement? The folks at Marketwatch pose that question and find that buying now, before prices begin to rise again, might just make sense. Read the article.


A Web Site about the Northern Neck

Northern Neck Today is a Web site for news and informatin about Virginia's Northern Neck. If you are interested in happenings in Lancaster, Northumberland Westmoreland and Richmond counties, you're in the right place.

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Stratford Hall, in Westmoreland County, was the home of Virginia's Lee family and is one of the Northern Neck's popular attractions. It's open year round.


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